Winter Tires at INFINITI Downtown

During the winter months, Southern Ontario’s weather can turn on a dime. Without warning, the roads can go from clear to white-out conditions. Ensure that your INFINITI is ready to take on Toronto’s winter roads with a set of high-quality winter tires from our parts department here at INFINITI Downtown. Continue reading below as our team discusses the importance of using winter tires during the cold weather months.

What’s Wrong with All-Season Tires?

Although their name may suggest that these tires are ideal for all four seasons, this isn’t the case. A more accurate name would be “three-season tires” as these tires are designed to perform well until temperatures drop down to around 7 degrees Celsius. The rubber compounds used to make all-season tires are not designed for cold weather temperatures, resulting in the tires becoming firm, and thus losing traction. On the other hand, winter tires are designed with cold weather in mind, remaining soft and using their unique tread pattern to maintain adequate grip on snow and ice-covered roads.

Do I Need Winter Tires If My INFINITI Has All-Wheel Drive?

It’s a common misconception that all-wheel drive vehicles don’t need winter tires. Although your AWD INFINITI indeed provides more traction than a front- or rear-wheel drive model, this fact doesn’t hold up in cold weather conditions. As mentioned above, summer and all-season tires tend to harden and lose traction when the temperature begins to drop. Studies have shown that a 2WD vehicle with winter tires delivers more grip than an AWD vehicle with all-seasons tires.



Where Can I Buy Winter Tires?

Trust our parts specialist here at INFINITI Downtown to help you find the ideal winter wheel and tire set for your specific INFINITI model. We’ll help you every step of the way, from wheel size and design options to sifting through the multiple winter tire brands and any deals we may have.




INFINITI Downtown is your premier INFINITI retailer in the heart of Toronto. Visit our showroom at 77 East Don Roadway and speak to one of our parts specialists to help get you set up with your vehicle’s winter tires.