Tire Change Service at INFINITI Downtown

Tire Swap Service in Toronto, Ontario

In a city where obscure weather changes can rapidly occur without warning, it’s important to be prepared when driving through fluctuating road conditions. From the snow and slush covered roads during the winter months, to the scorching hot asphalt during those precious few months of summer, having the proper set of tires on your INFINITI can make a world of difference. Read along to learn more about the tire change and storage services that we offer here INFINITI Downtown in Toronto, Ontario.

Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

There’s a reason why insurance companies offer discounts on vehicles equipped with winter tires during the winter months. It’s because they work. When compared to all-season tires, winter tires have been proven to maintain heightened levels of traction and shorter stopping distances on snow and ice-covered roads.

Why Do I Need to Swap My Tires?

You may be wondering, “If winter tires are so great, why can’t I just use them all year-round?” This is a valid question, as winter tires offer a multitude of benefits during the colder months. However, in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius, the same rubber compounds that allow them to deliver optimal grip are susceptible to increased wear due to their soft and malleable nature. In short, using winter tires year round results in you needing to replace your tires more frequently, and costing you more than just swapping them out with all-season tires, and vice-versa.

Tire Storage Service

Enjoy the luxury of convenience by taking advantage of our available Tire Storage Service. Free up valuable storage space at home and take the hassle out of loading and unloading heavy tires from your vehicle. Reserve your storage spot, today, and we’ll take care of your off-season tires at our secure, climate controlled facility. When the next tire swap season comes around, simply bring your INFINITI to our service centre and your tires will be waiting for you, ready to be installed.

Schedule a Tire Change Service at INFINITI Downtown

When it comes time to swap INFINITI’s tires, bring it back home to INFINITI Downtown and trust that our factory-trained service technicians will treat your vehicle in a way that it deserves. Get in touch with our service department or use the form below to schedule a tire change appointment, today!