INFINITI QX Monograph Concept SUV

The INFINITI QX Monograph represents the future of the brand’s SUV styling and design philosophy. A concept vehicle that is reminiscent of the INFINITI QX80 SUV, the QX Monograph is a physical manifestation of what a future full-size INFINITI luxury SUV would look like. Continue reading along as our team here at INFINITI Downtown explores the QX Monograph Concept vehicle.

Bold, Futuristic Styling

The QX Monograph concept is characterized by its confident, athletic stance that’s paired with its grand, yet graceful proportions. Seamlessly combining elegant form with SUV function, the QX Monograph boasts a powerful, yet sleek profile, infused with evocative details that heralds the evolution of INFINITI design in bold, standout style.




Three-Dimensional Front Fascia

An all-new three-dimensional INFINITI emblem accentuates the vehicle’s sense of dynamism and power, elegantly perched inside a waterfall-inspired, double-arched front grille. This new logo features pure white illumination, serving as a visual focal point that boldly announces the arrival of the QX Monograph.






Kabuku Inspired Lighting Elements

Designed to be extraordinary, the QX Monograph features a unique lighting system that is inspired by the Japanese art philosophy of Kabuku. This future-forward lighting array positions the primary headlight assembly within the front bumper, while the distinctive “digital piano key” daytime running lights are housed near the vehicle’s hoodline.






Distinctive Akane Paint Finish

Inspired by the evocative, yet serene feelings experienced during sunset, INFINITI’s design team debuts the stunning new “Akane” paint finish on the QX Monograph concept. Featuring a complex, six-layer structure that evokes the warm glow of dusk as it transitions into a dark night sky, this distinctive hue delivers a rich sense of dynamism, no matter the angle that you view it from.






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