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Winter Vehicle Service Tips | Toronto, ON

When the weather turns cold in Toronto, it’s important that you prepare your vehicle for what’s to come. This includes a variety of simple tasks that will help your vehicle last longer and keep you safe as the roads turn icy.
Winter Vehicle Service Tips | Toronto, ON

Check various components

Start on the exterior of your vehicle and check the following vehicle components:
  • Make sure all lights are working, including headlights, fog lights, and brake lights.
  • Check the windshield wipers for cracks or tears and replace as needed.
  • Inspect the tires for signs of tears, bulges, or wear.
  • Fill the tires with the proper PSI, as directed by the owner’s manual.
If you notice any issues with your vehicle’s tires or other components that you don’t feel comfortable addressing on your own, feel free to contact our team at INFINITI Downtown for advice.
After looking at the exterior, you’ll also want to check under the hood of your vehicle for things like:
  • Any signs of corrosion on the battery, especially near the terminals.
  • Fluid levels (windshield wiper, coolant, oil, brake, transmission) are topped off.
  • Belts, hoses, and filters are all in good condition.
Move to the interior of your vehicle to do a test of the heating system to ensure that you will have a warm vehicle during the colder months. It might take a minute or so for the heat to turn on if you’ve only been using the air conditioning. But if no warm air comes out of the vents after more than 5 minutes, contact us to make an appointment.

Consider switching to winter tires

Another way to stay safe this winter in your vehicle is by switching to winter tires. Because they are made from a special rubber compound, winter tires work better on icy or snowy conditions. They grip the road better than all-season tires and have special sipes that collect moisture to provide your vehicle with improved traction. You can use the widget on our website to find tires for your car or you can visit us to see our selection and learn more about your options.

Install all-weather floor mats

A simple way to protect your vehicle’s interior is to purchase a premium set of all-weather floor mats. Doing so will keep unwanted things like road salt, ice, slush, and water out of the cabin. By keeping a pristine cabin, you’re extending the life of your vehicle and maintaining its value — which is great if you want to trade it in for a new vehicle in the future!

Protect the exterior

Another way to keep your vehicle in good condition during winter is to think about where you park. If you typically park on the street, you might want to purchase a vehicle cover to protect the paint from road salt that will fly up as others drive on it. If you’re able to buy a temporary parking pass for a garage or covered parking spot, do so. The money you spend on this can help you save money in the long run on things like paint damage and rusting.

Pack an emergency kit

While being stranded on the side of the road isn’t ideal, you can be prepared for this with an emergency kit in your vehicle. At the very least, try to include the following items in your kit:
  • Jumper or booster cables
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First-aid supplies
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Small shovel
  • Emergency reflectors
  • Thick blankets

Winter vehicle service near me

If you’d like more tips on how you can protect your vehicle during winter, contact our team or come visit us at INFINITI Downtown in Toronto, Ontario!

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