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Why Tire Service Matters | Toronto, ON
Why Tire Service Matters | Toronto, ON

Your car’s tires are what stand between you and the road. They work to keep your car under your control, providing you the traction you need when you need it. That’s why it’s important to take care of your tires. These tire services are key to ensuring your car continues to run smoothly all year round.

Rotation Is Vital

Why Tire Service Matters | Toronto, ON

Over the course of your tires’ lives, they will experience wear. That’s because they’re in constant contact with the road. Tires tend to wear down in an uneven pattern, which can affect your vehicle’s handling.

  • Uneven tire wear can reduce your ability to control your car, while also making it more difficult for your car to maintain its traction on the road.
  • Regular tire rotation will help your tires wear evenly, preserving their traction, helping them last longer, and saving you from having to buy new ones more frequently.

Get The Right Pressure

Once a month, you should give your tires a quick visual inspection to ensure you catch any potential issues immediately.
  • Bald spots, worn treads, and bulges aren’t good for your tires. You should also check to make sure your tires don’t look underinflated.
  • Keep an eye on your tires’ recommended PSI (pounds per square inch). That means regularly checking your tire pressure using an air gauge.
  • Your recommended tire pressure range can be found in either your car’s owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door jamb.
Why Tire Service Matters | Toronto, ON

Stay Winter-Ready

Why Tire Service Matters | Toronto, ON

When snow and ice accumulate during the winter, your car may struggle to maintain traction. To ensure you’re getting the best grip possible on treacherous roads, switch to winter tires.

  • Winter tires use a special tread design and a softer compound to create a better grip on the road when it’s snowy and icy.
  • INFINITI Downtown offers a range of quality winter tire options. Make an appointment at our service center and we’ll help you equip your vehicle for effective cold-weather driving.
Here at INFINITI Downtown, we’ll be happy to check your tires for you as needed — or perform any other regular maintenance that your car requires.

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