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Why Service At A Dealership

INFINITI Q50 - Toronto, ON

Why Should You Service Your Car at a Dealership?

When your car is acting up, it’s always a good idea to bring it in for a checkup. Should you bring your car to a dealership service centre or your local mechanic? Here, we highlight why it’s best to service your car at a dealership.

Quality OEM Parts
If you’re getting your car fixed at the dealership, then you are likely going to receive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. These parts are made specifically for your vehicle. In fact, they’re exact replicas of the parts that are already in your vehicle. This guarantees that your car continues to run smoothly. When you bring your vehicle into your local garage, you will sometimes receive aftermarket parts that aren’t made by the manufacturer, which means they may cause issues in the future.
Certified Technicians

While the technicians you find at any garage will likely have top-notch training, when you bring your vehicle into a dealership, you know you’re getting a technician that has received specialized training in your make and model. That’s because they must be certified in order to work on your vehicle. Most dealers also have ongoing training programs to keep their technicians up to date on the latest repair techniques, which means your vehicle is in good hands at a dealership service centre.
Manufacturer Warranties
When you purchase a new car, you automatically receive a warranty that covers your car from bumper to bumper for a specific time or distance. This warranty won’t be honoured if you head over to a local garage, which is why bringing your car to be serviced at a dealership is a more appealing option. With this warranty, you will likely get your car fixed at little to no cost to you. If you happen to be outside your warranty, the repair that is completed on your car will actually come under its own warranty. That means if it needs fixing again in the future, the cost will typically be covered.
Here at INFINITI Downtown, we’re proud to offer the best possible parts and service for your vehicle. No matter what kind of repairs or maintenance your vehicle needs, it will be well taken care of by our highly trained technicians.

Services Available At INFINITI Downtown
Taking care of your INFINITI vehicle is an important part of car ownership. You want your car to continue running well into the future, after all. Because of this, it’s important to understand the various types of maintenance that you should keep up with — and INFINITI Downtown is here to help you do just that.
From completing routine oil changes and tire rotations to fixing bigger issues, our Service Centre is here to help your INFINITI model stay running like new. We also want to make sure you understand why these services are important, which is why we’ve created a variety of articles to guide you.
Brake Maintenance
Braking is an essential part of driving. It’s what keeps you safe when you need to stop your car at a red light or in an emergency. There are many signs you need to recognize in order to keep your brakes in tip-top condition. Learn more about the signs you should keep an eye out for so you can stay safer when you’re behind the wheel.
Oil Changes
Oil changes are perhaps the most important part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance. Discover the reasons why regular oil changes will benefit your vehicle.
Tire Service
Tires work hard to help you stay in control of your vehicle when you’re out on the road. If you have low tire pressure or your tire tread is worn down, though, you might find yourself struggling to stay on the road — especially when the weather’s bad. To discover why taking care of your tires is an important part of owning a vehicle, read this article about tire service.
Air Filter Replacement
Your vehicle has multiple air filters that help keep it in working order — but what, exactly, do these air filters do? Find out more about these filters and why they’re vital to your vehicle’s performance.

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