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Spring Vehicle Service Tips | Toronto, ON

The best time to check up on your car is when the seasons shift. To prepare for the upcoming weather change in Toronto, consider the following spring vehicle service tips.
Spring Vehicle Service Tips | Toronto, ON

Fully clean the interior

After driving through snow, ice, sludge, and salt, you’ve probably tracked a bit of grime into your vehicle’s cabin. Working from top to bottom, wipe down all surfaces — like the dash, windows, steering wheel, centre console, etc. — with appropriate materials and liquids. Be sure to use the ideal solutions for leather seating vs. cloth and run a vacuum over the seats as well as the carpeting and floor mats. Grab a small bag and check every corner for small pieces of trash and debris. Don’t forget the cargo area, too!

Change and align the tires

If you’ve been driving on winter tires, you’ll need to swap those out for your all-season or summer tires. Doing so will lengthen the life of your winter tires and better prepare you for the change in weather on the roads. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly before storing them to avoid leaving road salt, which can cause corrosion, for months. Any time the tires are changed, you should also have them rotated and aligned to ensure that you’re enjoying the best drive possible in your vehicle.

Check on various components and fluids

Now is a great time to look under the hood to see if anything is amiss or needs some attention. If there are any signs of damage on things like the battery or belts, contact us right away. Your vehicle uses various fluids that might need to be replenished:
  • Oil (and oil filter)
  • Transmission
  • Brake
  • Windshield wiper
  • Coolant

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