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Signs Your Brakes Need Serviced

Signs Your Brakes Need Serviced | Toronto, ON
As you set aside time for regular vehicle maintenance, your brakes should always be a top priority. Make sure you keep up with regular service here at INFINITI Downtown — and heed these three warning signs, which indicate that your vehicle’s brakes need urgent care.

High-Pitched Squeals

High-Pitched Squeals | Toronto, ON
If you use your car brakes and you hear a high-pitched sound, you likely need to bring your car in to get its brakes serviced or replaced.
  • Brake pads have a metal indicator built in. When your brake wears down to a certain depth, these metal indicators emit a high-pitch squeal. When you hear this sound, it’s a good indicator that you need new brakes.
  • If you think you might need new brakes, but don’t hear this sound, consider turning down your radio for a closer listen. The high-pitched noise is sometimes not very loud.
  • Keep in mind that your brakes will also make this noise if your car has been sitting in water too long.
  • To determine whether water exposure is causing this sound, listen to your brakes over the course of a day. If this sound continues to occur after a day, then it is being caused by the metal indicators, not by water, and you need to get new brakes.

They Look Worn Down

Give your brakes a visual inspection once a month. They’re easy to see — you just have to look in the spaces between your car’s wheel spokes.
  • The brake pads should be sitting against each wheel’s metal rotors.
  • Each pad should have more than a quarter inch of pad left on it.
  • If there is less than a quarter inch left, then the brake pad need to be replaced.
They Look Worn Down | Toronto, ON

A Tugging Feeling

A Tugging Feeling | Toronto, ON
When you step on the brake, does it feel like your car is tugging one way or another? This pulling sensation is a sign that you could have an issue with your brake linings or your brake fluid.
  • Your brake linings can wear down in an uneven pattern, causing your car to pull to one side or another.
  • Foreign matter in your brake fluid will also cause this pulling.
  • Regardless of the cause, you should bring your brakes in for servicing if pulling occurs.
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