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The Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes | Toronto, ON

Taking care of maintenance is a key aspect of owning an INFINITI. For example, you should be getting your car’s oil changed at regular intervals from your authorized INFINITI service department. If you’re finding it difficult to make the time, keep in mind these three benefits that your vehicle will reap from timely oil changes.

Lower Gas Costs

Lower Gas Cost | Toronto, ON
Rising gas prices can increase the financial burden of vehicle ownership. You can lower the amount of money you spend at the gas pump, though, by getting your car’s oil changed regularly here at INFINITI Downtown.
  • When your car’s oil is dirty, it uses more energy — and more gasoline — to get its work done.
  • If your car’s oil is clean, the amount of friction your engine generates is reduced, and less gas is needed to power your car.
  • Using less gas means fewer stops at the gas pump, helping to reduce your gas costs.

Make Your Car Last

Taking care of your vehicle means that it will last longer than it might if you didn’t routinely bring it in for maintenance.
  • In order for your car to function at its optimal level, it needs clean oil to act as a lubricant for its engine.
  • Your oil levels will decrease as your engine runs, causing the amount of friction created by your engine to increase because your engine doesn’t have the proper lubricant.
  • Increased friction creates more heat, causing your engine to overheat. This causes the engine to become damaged and affects your car’s lifespan.
  • Your car’s engine will wear down faster, too, when your oil is dirty because it has to work harder than it does when your oil is clean.
Make Your Car Last | Toronto, ON
Bringing your car in for an oil change allows it to get its regular checkup, too. This is when your mechanic can catch small issues that might otherwise go unnoticed and become larger — and more expensive — issues in the future.

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